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Who Am I?

who am i

Who am I? I think these may be the most important questions we ask....

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Death Bed Confessions

death bed confess

My father died about a month ago. Watching him suffer in those last few days reminded me something about hunger....

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Receiving God

receiving God

What is there to learn of God that we haven't because we work too hard at it? What is there to learn of God that is available to us, only if we were still enough to receive it?...

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Testimony: I Just Lost My Job

I just lost my job

Hear a powerful testimony from one of our new members and LifeGroup leaders, Brian Boswell....

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Be the Madman!

be the madman featured

In our secular world, maybe we should embrace being the madman....

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How should Christians respond to the War in Ukraine?

ukraine blog

As we speak, the largest war on the European continent since World War II has begun. In our media-centric world, as Christians we must ensure that we are allowing the Scriptures to guide our thinking before media outlets. The situation in Ukraine could be simply described (an aggressor invading an innocent people), yet the story and motivations that lies behind this war ...

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A Theology of Christmas: Advent, Home Alone, and the Unexpected Peace of God

The challenge of Christmas: can the church embody it within the chaos of our present world?...

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Scouting Out The Vineyard Movement: What's in Store for Immanuel?

One of the major needs at Immanuel Church in our process of revitalization is to be a part of a larger church network. Learn more about Pastor Daniel and Alexandra's visit to the Vineyard USA's national conference, and all that took place....

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Problems with American Evangelicalism: Asking hard questions, and seeking necessary change


The American Evangelical Church is facing a pivotal moment for reform. Will we listen and take heed? And what does it mean for Immanuel Church? ...

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Book Review: The Patient Ferment of the Early Church

How did the Early Church in the ancient Roman Empire grow? How did they train their congregants on evangelism? And what can we learn from them? This and more, Kreider sought to answer in his excellently written book....

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