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Huxley, Christianity and the Right to be Unhappy

When is the last time you were unhappy? Hurt? Distressed? Felt stressed and pressured, but you had no way out? When is the last time you felt guilt over your own wrong doing? When is the last time you were uncomfortable both physically and emotionally?...

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The Day Our Capitol was Sacked


As the rest of the world sat and watched the events unfold in our nation’s capitol, I could not believe my eyes. In my lifetime, things were happening that my grandchildren and beyond would read and study about in history books. I pulled my children beside me, and tried my best to explain to them what was happening. I love my nation, I am proud to be an American, and ...

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A Response to the Election Results: How should we feel and what do we do now?


How do we as a church respond to the election results? By keeping our eyes focused on what has always remained: the Great Commission. ...

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Immanuel's Guide to the 2020 Election: Raising Our Ambitions


The Church must raise its ambitions far beyond the White House, and look to our neighbors. ...

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