Prayer Room

What Is A Prayer Room?

God is stirring a hunger and thirst for prayer at Immanuel Church. The prayer room is a result of this stirring. Filled with various stations and ways to interact in prayer, we are seeking not only our church but also our city renewed by Jesus Christ, to hear his Good News, and experience the joy of life with him in his Spirit.

How Can I Use the Prayer Room?

You can sign up to reserve one hour for yourself, for you and a few others or even your whole LifeGroup. We will also be seeking to host 24/7 hour prayer a few times throughout the year. Interact with the room, utilize the kneeling benches, grab a bible or a book on prayer from the resource cart to aide, and leave something behind from your time with God (a note, prayer, or scripture to hang, etc.).

Prayer Room Is Open


9:00AM - 5:00PM