Covid Restrictions are in place.  Join us at @10am on Sunday mornings 

We will be periodically offering courses at Immanuel to help us grow in your knowledge of Jesus Christ, that we may be more deeply formed in His image.  These will be available in person, as well as virtually (YouTube Live).  



WINTER 2021: How To Read Your Bible

  • Every Tuesday beginning January 12 until March 2nd
  • From 6:30pm until 7:30pm
  • Available in person (church sanctuary) or virtually (join us on YouTube live)
  • Click on picture below to view live and follow up with previous sessions 





From Pastor Jim DiBiaso:
Donna and I started a new through the Bible reading plan on January 1. Instead of our usual one year plan we’re going with this plan which (as you can see) is a little less than two years, allowing for a little more reflection/study of what we’re reading. See the link below which will give more details. You can jump in the plan at any time.
You proceed on your own, but we’d like to do a Zoom meeting weekly, with anyone who is interested, to briefly discuss what we’ve read in a given week; sharing the things that stood out most, had an impact, etc. I’m especially inviting members of Immanuel Church but others are welcome too. It will be a means of connecting while we’re still physically distancing. If things change in the months ahead it could become an in-person gathering. If you’re interested let me know.

Please click HERE to access to sign up!



Another very helpful resource that I (Pastor Daniel) have found very useful is the Bible Project.  By spending time with their resources, you will be very equipped to read, grasp and understand the Bible and its primary message - that of Jesus Christ.

Click HERE to see the Bible Project.