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  • Our services last around one hour
  • We begin by singing songs of worship, followed by prayer and announcements
  • Then we transition to a sermon, engaging in verse by verse preaching
  • We close our services with one more song, followed by prayer in front of our stage



  • A few minutes before the service, grab your Bible, read a psalm and prepare your hearts through prayer
  • Think of someone in the church you could briefly call or text to say hello, and pray for others in our church
  • As the service begins, aim to have the time be as distraction free as possible
  • Worship!  Sing aloud! If you need to stand to sing or be on your knees - worship Jesus with all your heart
  • Have an open Bible on your lap as the sermon begins
  • At the conclusion of the service, please consider someone else from the congregation you could call, text or email to say hello or for encouragment, and consider also praying for that person


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