"A sister of the Second Baptist Church, from no other motives than to advance the cause of Christ... and knowing the need of another church in the growing part of the city... form a new interest remote from the Second Church, under the name of the
Delaware Avenue Baptist Church."

- May, 1865

Immanuel has a 155 year history of Gospel-centered ministry in the city of Wilmington.  Beginning as a church plant from Second Baptist Church, the first services were held in the summer of 1865 under the name of "Delaware Avenue Baptist Church."  Throughout the years, as every church has, Immanuel has been blessed with fruitful times of ministry, as well as times of struggle. 


We proudly desire to continue our legacy in Wilmington as we enter a new phase of revitalization and rebuilding at Immanuel Church.  Come and be a part of this historic, yet new work at Immanuel!


A timeline of events, as well as pictures, can be found below:



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  • 1865 - Delaware Avenue Baptist Church is planted; meetings begin in the Scientific Lecture Room at the Wilmington Institute

  • 1868 - A Church building was built and dedicated on the corner of Delaware Avenue and West Street.  This building was used by the church for 100 years.  

  • 1931 - Bethany Baptist Church, a former church plant of Delaware Avenue Baptist Church some decades before, merges together with its mother church, creating Immanuel (Baptist) Church

  • 1967 - A new facility is built on the corner of Pennsylvania Ave and Greenhill Ave, where we still worship today.